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Shaping collaboration.

We support teams and organizations in creating a suitable culture of collaboration by taking a closer look, asking questions, and collaboratively developing solution approaches with you as equals.


Why Team Coaching?

To remain future-ready, it’s not enough to just create innovative and creative techniques, tools, and structures. It’s your employees, with their ideas and abilities, who shape the future of your company. Let’s work together to ensure they are psyched about their jobs. 

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Work with Us.

We’re passionate about user-centricity, and thus we tailor our collaboration with you to your specific needs and conditions. 

Let’s talk directly about your request, so we can find out together what you need from us. For inspiration, here are some of our proven formats:

With your team or leadership circle, we focus on your specific needs regarding your team, communication, meetings, or leadership culture. We invite you to self-reflect, we provide impulses, and you get to try them out directly. This ensures you take away something useful and concrete to apply in your daily work. 

1 to 3 days | 6 to 25 people 

Is there a hitch in your team? Are there a few issues that need addressing? As trained systemic coaches, we work with your team or support you as a leader in one-on-one coaching.

From 90 minutes | 1 to 12 people 

Do you want to tackle a team or leadership issue in a user-centric and hands-on way? Do you appreciate guidance and structure? Then we have just the right format for you: In our Systemic Team Design approach, you’ll develop concrete solutions for a real challenge in your team – using the Design Thinking process. By the team. For the team.

3 modules of 3 hours each | 3 to 18 people 

Yeah, time for a change of scenery! Are you finally able to take some time for yourselves as a team? We will create a meaningful agenda for you and facilitate your Team Offsite. This allows the entire team to engage fully with the content.  

1 to 2 days | 5 to 25 people 

Some issues are hard to articulate. In these cases, it’s helpful to dive into the thick of things to identify challenges and patterns from an unbiased outside perspective. We accompany your team or you as silent observers and afterwards share our observations, insights, and hypotheses with you. This helps to make your topics manageable.

From 90 minutes 

Would you like a little more inspiration?

Ein Whiteboard, typisch für die Arbeit mit Design Thinking, wird über den Vorhof des Berliner Bahnhofs gerollt

Onboarding for doctoral candidates


Ein Post-It wird in einem Design Thinking Prozess beschrieben

Goodbye, silo mentality!

Shaping the future in an interdisciplinary way



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