Change can be shaped. We’ll show you how.

First and foremost, we rely on a time-tested technique: asking questions. We aim to understand where you stand and where you want to go. We then develop workshops and co-creative work formats tailored to your challenge. With curiosity and joy for experimentation. In our work we rely on a set of user-centered, agile, and systemic approaches and methods. For organizations, for teams or for you personally.

Design Thinking

Do you want to design products, services, or processes as a team with people in focus? Welcome to INNOKI! 

With the innovation approach of Design Thinking, we offer you a way to better understand your users and thus develop more suitable solutions. 

In trainings and workshops, we work with you to lay the foundation for a mindset that enables creativity, innovation, and teamwork on an equal footing.

Working in a team

To remain future-ready, a well-functioning team is essential. It’s not necessary for everyone to wear rose-colored glasses or to have deep affection for each other. Some friction is allowed. 

As your team coaches, we assist you in identifying, comprehending, and addressing current team challenges in a solution-oriented manner. Our goal is to ensure that you are pleased with your present teamwork and future outcomes.

Still searching?

You want to collaborate with us, but your concern isn’t covered by our areas of expertise? No worries. We’re happy to help with tailor-made solutions. 

Let’s talk. Together, we can figure out whether we are the right team for your needs.



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