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It all began in the fall of 2013 at the School of Design Thinking at the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam. This is where we learned to develop ideas that consistently put human needs at the center. We wanted more of that. And above all, we wanted to share the joy of change with more people.

We made plans for the future, juggled company names, launched our first projects and finally got serious in 2015 – with the founding of the innovation consultancy INNOKI. We now serve a broad customer base ranging from IT companies and DAX-listed corporations to research institutes, public organizations and foundations.

What makes us special

Self-organization and user-centricity are no buzzwords for us, but a normal part of everyday working life. Because we don’t have a boss – we manage ourselves. Collectively. Strictly speaking, we are employees and employers in equal measure.

Sounds strange, doesn’t it? But it works. We believe that it is worth to take time to rethink the status quo and to have the courage to implement your own ideas. This is the only way to achieve positive change. Even if the path to this is not a straight line.

We know from our daily work that the pressure for development and change is high in many companies. The challenge is to shape this change and put it into practice. This is where things often get stuck. Because even thoughtful changes often trigger resistance. This was one reason for us to take further systemic training in order to optimally support people on the path to change.

Design Thinking Coach erklärt nächste Arbeitsphase

Unser Team


Design Thinking, IT-Systems Engineering

Johanna Appel


Design Thinking, Systemic Coaching

Pauline Beck


Design Thinking

Claudia Brückner


Design Thinking, Media Production

Jonas Brunnert


Design Thinking

Jonas Chenderasa


Design Thinking, Systemic Coaching,

Frederike Engelhardt


Design Thinking, Systemic Coaching,

Lea Feldhaus


Finance, Controlling

Alexandra Hoff


Design Thinking, Branding, Graphic Design

Anna Kleibl


Design Thinking, Education

Julia Primavera


Design Thinking, Systemic Coaching,
Team Development

Julia Rummel, Ph.D.


Design Thinking, Branding, Graphic Design

Lotta Wulk


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Sustainability at INNOKI

We take responsibility for the impact of our business operations.
We cause CO2 emissions through electricity consumption and our business trips. Therefore, the following applies to us:

  • We avoid flying as often as possible – if this is not possible, the CO2 emissions of every mile flown are offset via atmosfair.
  • Over 90% of our business trips are made by Deutsche Bahn and we therefore often avoid car journeys or air travel.
  • We use environmentally friendly paper in our business stationery.
  • When it comes to procurement, we prefer products with a ‘Blauer Engel’ label wherever possible.
  • Our mail is sent climate-neutrally with the help of Deutsche Post DHL.
  • Our finances are managed by GLS Bank, which supports social, ecological and cultural companies and projects.



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Karl-Marx-Straße 12
12043 Berlin


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