Innovation Consulting

Innovative structures

Together with our clients we create new ways of working innovatively. With simple tools and idea nudges, we help to develop sustainable processes in order for innovation to become affordable and timely feasible.

Product and service design

With our iterative approach, we work in interdisciplinary teams with our clients to develop new products, or to successfully finish projects stuck in a state of gridlock. Here we begin with the people that want to use the product. Together with our clients we learn to understand the user and their lifestyle. Through emerging problems we generate ideas and test these with rough prototypes. This way we can quickly and cost effectively find out how to hone the concepts until a relevant product originates.

Empathy research

Understanding the human is the first step to innovation. In qualitative interviews and user observation, we find out the needs and get to the bottom of the user group for our clients. The results become customised solutions in the next step.

Method Training

Training in Design Thinking

Our clients learn how to generate and immediately try out ideas. We teach simple methods such as brainstorming, building prototypes, or visual thinking, which alter the working culture long-term. This can be taught in several full day workshops or in smaller focused inputs.

Idea workshops

Together with our clients we create room for inspiration, making it easy to build on the ideas of others. In this process we work through existing ideas and generate new concepts. We work with a point of view that is fun and productive. Here we do not only use our minds, but also our bodies.

Team building

Team members need to trust each other and have a common ground in order to work together innovatively. We customize teambuilding processes that sustainably improve the working atmosphere and lead to constructive cooperation. The focus is set on a pronounced feedback culture and understanding the needs of other employees.



When things are going well, many businesses develop a kind of tunnel vision. inno.Pool pushes us out of this comfort zone by bringing start-ups and large corporations together. Officers, employees, and creative minds alike learn about innovation and work together as equals: Inno.Pool = cross-industry co-innovation.