Join our session Networking for Introverts – Use empathy to define your very own approach

Ever been to a business networking event? And you hated it? Great - because this session is all for you. In "Networking for Introverts", we support you to have meaningful conversations with like-minded re:publicans and find your very own approach to networking by using empathy research methods.

In this activity-oriented meetup, we will provide an open space to those who would probably never claim it. Interested re:introverts will discover more about themselves and create their own, personal networking experience with a partner. Using methods inspired by Design Thinking, you will learn about selected creative methods (e.g. empathy-oriented interviewing, brainstorming & prototyping). Thereby, we not only create meaningful dialogue, but we'll also enable you to find solutions that have the potential to reimagine networking for those who’d rather bingewatch their favorite series than interact with people. Expect to hear about fears and failures others experienced and what workarounds and ideas they use(d) in order to overcome initial insecurities as introverted networkers.



Innoki republica 17 Kolm Primavera Appel


Join co-founders Julia Primavera, Johanna Appel and Julia Kolm in May and discover how empathy can help you step out of your comfort zone. We'll share more info as soon as our session is published online.