We work on real and complex problems and develop innovative solutions. Finding the middle ground between human needs, technical feasibility, and economic viability are among the greatest challenges for today's businesses and organisations. For you, and above all - with you, we’ll find the right balance.

Innovation Consulting

We provide organizations impulses for product development and design internal structures more innovatively. We accompany innovation processes by training employees and teams with new methods, making their work more flexible and efficient.

Method Training

We liberate creative potential and set free the strong team spirit in organizations. From workshops in the innovation method Design Thinking to exercises in team building to idea workshops: we offer a wide range of training for organizations and their employees.


We offer opportunities to work together with other companies in diverse industries to become more innovative. We organize events where companies from different sectors work together on market challenges. The exchange of knowledge, inspiration, and an extended network are the common focus.

Design Thinking is less of a method than a mindset. We live a culture of innovation.


INNOKI is a young innovative company located in Berlin. We encourage project structures and a working culture that transforms innovative and creative impulses in organisations into clear results. Through user-centered methods like Design Thinking, together with our clients we develop products and services that create real value. We work with start-ups, medium-sized companies, and large corporations, and co-create new opportunities.

Our Philosophy

Our working culture is based on three key elements: 1. The user's needs are always the focal point. 2. The work takes place in multidisciplinary teams. 3. Both the workspace and working structures are designed in such a way that they foster a creative process. With this working morale, we examine complex problems, identify latent contradictions and develop surprising solutions in the next step.

What unites us: The focus on the benefits and the drive towards feasibility.


We work mainly with Design Thinking as an approach to solving complex problems. Design Thinking originated in product development, combining a number of successful methods in recent decades to empathetically create user concepts in a true human-centered manner. Today this method is used in industry, business, education, and politics. At INNOKI, we constantly develop new ways to level-up innovation.


We learned with the best. Through projects with organizations and businesses from different fields and sizes, we grew better and better. Thanks for the great cooperation!



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